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Company History

Swiss Valley Associates - Swiss Valley landscapeSwiss Valley Associates (SVA) was incorporated on September 9, 2000 by Ronald Palitto, William Brake P.E., and Dana Indermuhle P.E.. The primary mission of the company is to provide technical services to Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. SVA has completed multiple public and private projects saving clients significant money and time.

SVA has grown at a steady rate. SVA now employs enough staff to perform several engineering projects at the same time and provide fully supported construction management services at more than one job site. SVA initially expanded into two offices, both located in Sardis, Ohio. In March of 2008, SVA’s offices combined and moved into a larger building in Hannibal, Ohio. This office is fully equipped with modern tools of the engineering and construction management industry. The SVA team utilizes modern computers, CAD software, and plotting devices continuously. SVA has a reputation of “getting out of the office” and of being at the construction site 100% of the time during construction.

SVA is a closely held corporation in the state of Ohio. Its Owners are officers. Mr. Palitto serves at the president, Mr. Brake as the vice-president, and Mr. Indermuhle as the Secretary/ Treasurer. SVA’s key individuals hold memberships in many professional organizations. The fundamental business principals of SVA–honesty, hard work, and integrity–will lead their clients to fascinating success on their upcoming projects.