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Past Performance

Swiss Valley Associates - City of Marietta water storage tankPast Performance is what everyone at SVA loves to talk about.

We set up our association to:

  • Improve Project Quality
  • Maintain Design and Construction Schedules
  • Control the Project Costs


Many firms have these as their goals; but we’ve gone a step further. We are educated in Construction Management. We practice goal based performance monitoring. Fancy words for stating that every one of our projects must come in under budget, on time, and with acceptable quality.


Look at our last three major Public Projects.

  • City of Marietta; 4 Million Gallon Water Storage Tank Replacement and Water Distribution Modeling
    Budget $1,200,000. Completed $150,000 Under Budget.
  • Village of Clarington Water System Improvement Project.
    Budget $650,000. Completed $150,000 Under Budget.
  • Black Walnut Center (Multi-Tenant Building)
    Budget $1,000,000. Completed $120,000 Under Budget


Swiss Valley Associates - Black Walnut CenterWith todays rising costs, this record is unparalleled in our business. Again, success from our concerted effort to employ Professional Management Techniques. We have a full presentation on the details on how our program excels in the industry. We would be happy to share this with you.