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 Clarington’s New Water Tank

Drawings are being prepared for permit application to the Ohio EPA for a new water tank on Sykes Ridge Road that will serve the south end of the Village of Clarington.  Precision Excavating is beginning the site work to prepare for the construction of the water tank.

Owls Head begins installation of Rotary Furnace

Construction is about to begin for the installation of another rotary furnace at Owls Head in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Swiss Valley Associates was selected as the design engineer and has been working with Joe Lambert, P.E. on the foundation and structural drawings.  SVA is designing the utilities, electrical, and control system for the furnace.

Clarington Water and Waste Water SCADA System Replacement

Larry Bailey, water / waste water operator at the Village of Clarington, Ohio is pleased with the new SCADA system SVA, BEC Systems, and Bee Electric installed.  They recently had a slip on Sykes Ridge Road which broke the water line.  The abnormal water use from the water line showed up on the SCADA screen showing over 40,000 gallons of water pumped instead of the normal 3,000 gallons.   This information allowed them to stop the water flow before emptying the water tank.

Barnesville St. Vincent Thrift Store

The St. Vincent of Barnesville Thrift Store is nearly finished. We appreciated the opportunity to design the building and provide construction management working with their group. The project incorporated several efficient building systems including extra insulation and min-split heat pumps with an energy recovery unit. LED lights were installed throughout the building.  Large windows were installed in the display area and smaller windows in the storage and work areas to provide natural light in the building.  2/2018

St. Vincent Thrift Store

Link for more pictures

New Martinsville 4-H Water Tank Update

The construction of the Water Tank on the 4-H property is nearly complete!  Construction of the fence around the water tank is being finished this week and next. Feb 20, 2018

Noble County Courthouse Open House

The Noble County Courthouse had an open house to display the new HVAC system.


Village of Butler, Ohio Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements

The Village of Bulter, Ohio is planning for significant upgrades to their waste water treatement plant.  K.E. McCartney is their engineering consultant and hired Swiss Valley Associates, Inc. for structural, MEP, and controls design.

Tank under construction for Wetzel County Public Service District #1

The site work is finished and the construction is started on new water tank for the Wetzel County Public Service District #1.  The tank site is accessed from WV Route 7 and is adjacent to the existing Veto Water Tank.

Plat Maps and Well Pad Design

Swiss Valley Associates and Cathedral sponsored the spring project designed by the Energy Business Alliance at Marietta College.  The project for the spring semester of 2017 covered the design of a horizontal Utica/Point Pleasant well with the aid of local practicing engineers. The students have poured extensive time and research into this project and it will serve as part of their portfolios as they venture into the working industry. This information will be shared with many in the Oil & Gas industry through presentations, the students’ interviews, and employment applications. The students have received great feedback, enthusiasm, and praise on a “job well done” on the project from members of the Petroleum Engineering faculty and staff of Marietta College, leaders in the Oil & Gas industry, and the community.

Swiss Valley Associates drew the production unit plat maps for the proposed well. The production unit boundary for the south unit and 38H lateral were drawn using basemap CAD data provided by CESO.  The grading plan was drawn using aerial photography and LIDAR elevation data from the Ohio State Imagery Program.

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