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Civil Engineering Services

Swiss Valley Associates, Inc. provides professional civil engineering for a wide range of projects.

Municipal Water Projects

SVA - Civil EngineeringSVA has designed new water systems and water tanks. Water CAD is utilized to model water systems and calculates water flow and pressure throughout the entire system.

The following are a few examples of SVA’s experience in this field:

  • Rehabilitation of existing water tanks.
  • Design and construction of glass-coated steel water tanks.
  • Design of large-scale piping and meter vaults.
  • Design of high pressure ductile iron water lines.

Municipal Waste Water Projects

SVA has extensive experience in designing municipal waste water projects. Extended aeration waste water treatment plants have proven to be durable and economical systems. Technologies such as recirculating sand filters are also being utilized.

SVA also provides significant experience in the follow areas:

  • Gravity sewer lines
  • Manholes
  • Lift stations
  • Pressurized force mains
  • Waste water treatment plants

Building Site Design

The selection and design of a building site affects many other aspects of a building. SVA’s LEED accredited staff designs sites with advanced sediment and erosion control features.┬áHandicap accessibility requirements are addressed, as well as all state and local code requirements.